Sunday, June 03, 2012


Yeah, watch in HD!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chip8 Emulator(Update no.2)

Well, I have added SDL graphics cause you know, console graphics is well... slow. I have problems in timing though, you may want to see how space invaders and Vbrix works. In Vbrix, keyboard input slows the program, same in invaders though if I leave it the invaders move down too damn fast, so I would call it unplayable. I have decided not to add the source or bin file as Rapidshare will delete it eventually(of course), but if you need it you can always let me know: 
Oh yeah and next big thing SCHIP-8 support. This just allows more better games like Car and Joust(you know that one).

Monday, May 07, 2012

Chip8 Emulator(Update no.1)

So as you may know, I have been working on a chip 8 emulator. Well today I fixed the CPU core and it works well. I did some console output and it's nice. Thanks to Refraction mainly and other coders on Here are some screens:


Source code as of now:
Check out my youTube: Crckr hckr

Thursday, May 03, 2012

CHIP8 Emulator.

So I have begun coding a chip8 emulator after some motivation and encouragement. The project which
have called 'CrckrChip8' is still very crappy. I coded it in C/C++, it's an interpreter. It reads opcodes and executes them. It seems that my cpu core is still quite infunctional. I tried to do graphics and it sucks, it's not outputting well. Not bad for a start. I'll upload a link to the code. It's a codeblocks project. Yeah, so basically that's it. I don't mind being corrected.

Link to source:

Monday, April 16, 2012

A  tutorial for playing N64 on your pc.

Yeah, so this is a tutorial I created myself. It teaches you how to set up Project 64.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How to play NDS on your PC!

How to play NDS on your PC!

Well, I was bored and I posted a video on youtube, to show you how you can play NDS games on your pc. It's a high quality upload. Please comment. 

Thanks for reading or watching for this instance. -Crckr Hckr.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Console History and Wars.

The Power of Simpli... sorry COMPLEXITY!

Hard to believe that PS2 that you bought a few years ago, came out like what 10 years ago. Hard to believe, huh. One reason for emulation is to play classics you never ever got a chance to play. Well you can do that. But a problem came, as technology becomes cheaper and more sophisticated, it becomes more outdated as well.
So what am I talking about....


It all started with a CRT project of Pong in a university, somewhere in the World. It became popular and no one at the time knew that would become a multi-billion dollar industry, also there was Space invaders. Atari started it... 

NES. vs SMS.

So it continued and The NES(Nintendo Emulation System, nah, Entertainment) was like the biggest breakthrough ever. It was a 8-bit console and that's nice and wow color, you could play Super Mario Bros. all night and also not to forget the Sega Master System(by SEGA like duh), Sonic it's Mascot open platformer and people loved the idea.
Well these babies were the only 'tough' competitors back then, they sold for almost 7-10 years without a successor, yes I am exaggerating. So basically you bought a console played it for years and a successor not bad I will buy one, but hey the money umm I'll save and stand in line for day of purchase, these people are called fanboys... Then came the second war.

The Handhelds.

Well before the real "Second War," there was a handheld war. These companies used their market power to port many titles and 'use' the fanboy. GameBoy and the Sega Game Gear. Game gear had 'Color', wow and it sold 11 million units, nice. I would have bough that compared to the "Black and white" GameBoy. Well, the original GameBoy sold only 118 million units. You might be shocked, but that was it, why it had battery life and a wider game library. So what does that prove, people didn't give a damn about technology but more of playing desires.

SNES vs. Sega Genesis

So people bought these babies and 16-bit blew the world, okay no problem so we buy new shit, coz everybody is buyin' it right? Wrong, back in the days people actually bought it to play games, even older people, kids came in later. People then could buy consoles late and not worry about it, you'll see what I mean. These companies ruled the market(video game) and their were just increasing sales. Then, many people knew the NES more, why? Coz they let their patent expire and clones were made but not the case 
for the SMS. People played and can't say more...

A new competitor.

With the new 32 bit era, if that's what you call it, came a new competitor, SONY. They made the Playstation, competiton gets more. Now the companies think that new progress and 3D is good for people and that was good. Sony had Playstation, Nintendo with the Nintendo 64, and Sega with the Saturn. Okay so if you thought a new competitor can't do shit, think again you're wrong. The Playstation sold 100 million units, N64, 30 million and the Saturn 9 million. Now there was nothing wrong with the N64, with Zelda, how can I forget that classic, but it's just that PS was better. However, the Saturn was considered a FAILURE. It was hard to program and had shitty 3d graphics. After that, it just lacked support. Why the PS won, Gran turismo and Metal gear solid.

Fixing the Mistakes and a new competitor again.

Guess, Guess, it's no one but Microsoft, all hail Bill Gates. So microsoft came up with the xBox. There was now the Gamecube and Dreamcast. So who won. Well it was the Playstation two, with better graphics and shit. The Dreamast was perfect, but feared the other Bigs, it was infact the first home console with a LAN system , wow. But it wasn't a failure and had the best game ever (well there are others) and that is Shenmue.
It was epic. The Gamecube had cartoony style graphics for Zelda and fans were 'dishonored.' Sega pulled out of hardware business and became software (game) company solely. 

Then came the new handhelds.

Okay, so I think I can say currently there is the NDS and PSP, well previously there was GBC and GBA which outmatched it's competitors and had no competition. The NDS and PSP are both good, the NDS has touch screen and PSP lacks another analog stick. PSP is better IMO and NDS is also good for Casual Gamers. Who won, well it isn't even a war, just a matter of prefference. 


We can't tell the winner, when the war ain't over, So there is the box360 and PS3 and Wii. Wii for casualers, ps3 if you want to burn money (GOW3 and MGS:4) and if you want to play HALO definitely the box. 


Well conclusions, this has taken me like and hour and more to write. IMHO Well we are ready to pay, but  we don't want what we pay for to be outdated fast. You can buy a console but if it's like that produce more games, it all so f***ing expensive and we can't pay. What I mean?? Ipad, then iPad 2, then 3 in just a few years same with the iphone. The Bigs aren't appreciating their buyers. The magic is gone. That's why the ps3 is now so easy to pirate on and there won't be a ps4 anytime soon. Although SONY are like the Mafia, they have lost this round. What we want, make things to have long life spans like the NES, people wait for these consoles and things become outdated then. Hope Bill Gates reads this...

Wii U.

There is news. Nintendo has announced the Wii U, the successor to the original Wii. It features a full hd output and a dreamcast style touchscreen controller(not sure.) They are entering the market earlier than the rest. Will they make the same mistakes as the dreamcast? They've got money and fans and profits. But they'll have to price it low for it to compete with even the current gen consoles.

The Ultimate Console remains:
retupmoc eht.

Microsoft: Make it affordable.
SONY: See Microsoft.
Nintendo: See Sony.
Dreamcast: Well with Sega Sammy over you, make a console, sell dreamcast games on PSN live and then make them loyal to you and voila, The SEGA whatever. 

Okay so, I know I suck at blogging and I may not know about consoles, I'm just a 14 yr old born in 97. So please create awareness of my blog and comment, makes me happy. Maybe i'll create a paypal account and get donations to keep it up. This is my second post, thanks for viewing/reading. You can Facebook me. Follow me on twitter.
-Crckr Hckr.